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Recycling Christmas Trees [1%]
This is a short video about how to initiate a Christmas tree recycling program in your area, town, or city.
The Global Food Web Project [1%]
This is a 20 minute video exploring the public policy education project for youth, the Global Food Web Project. The interconnectedness of the environment and ...
Diagnosing Air Pollution [1%]
This is a short slide show that looks at the effects of air pollution on vegetation.
Discover Arabia Mountain [1%]
This is a 20 minute video geared towards kids that explores the geological and ecological significance of Arabia Mountain in the state of Georgia.
Cover Your A$$ets [1%]
Cover Your Assets is an award winning resource produced by the University of Florida that provides property owners and county officials with the tools they ...
Firewise Landscaping - Part 1 [1%]
This is the first in a 3 part series on firewise landscaping. Homes in the wildland/urban interface are extremely vulnerable to wildfire. By following ...