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Master Tree Farmer

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Master Tree Farmer 2008 - Risks and Risk Management
Risks exist with every endeavor we face in life and this is certainly true with forest management. This three-week event will concentrate on the risks associated with forest management and allow landowners and natural resource professionals to consider how they can manage forests and forestland to plan for and minimize problems they may face.
Master Tree Farmer 2007 - Preparing for the Next Owner
The 2007 Master Tree Farmer Mini-Series is designed for landowners, forestry association members, Extension agents, county foresters and others who find themselves dealing with the subject of preparing the forest and forestland for the next owner. This unique course is organized by a committee of several Extension foresters, state forestry agency professionals and federal natural resources specialists.
Master Tree Farmer 2004
The 2004 Master Tree Farmer Program is an intensive educational program designed to introduce landowners to many of the topics associated with forest management. The programs are not designed to make landowners into foresters but to acquaint landowners with forestry terms and concepts so they can effectively converse with foresters about the management of their property. We have documented that landowners are more willing to see forestry practiced on their land when they understand why things are done.