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Cover Your A$$ets
Cover Your Assets is an award winning resource produced by the University of Florida that provides property owners and county officials with the tools they need to help maintain private ownership and active management of forestland properties in a valuable and sustainable manner. The program covers topics such as estate planning, starting a pine straw enterprise, conservation easements, hunting leases for revenue, wildlife management assistance, silvopasture, rural lands stewardship, and ecotourism.
Research Practically Speaking
This is a series of videos produced by the International Society of Arboriculture. Its main purpose is to take research level urban forestry and arboriculture information and make those on the ground aware of it. In some cases, it makes research level information actually applicable to those working in the field.
New Dimensions for the New Millennium
An Urban and Community Forestry Update for the South. This is a three part series produced by Clemson University on evolving issues in urban and community forestry.
Managing Moisture
This is a series of videos on managing the amount of moisture that gets into wood structures.
Silviculture: Best Management Practices
This manual establishes the Best Management Practices (BMPs) for silviculture operations in Florida. These practices are designed as the minimum standards necessary for protecting and maintaining the State's water quality as well as certain wildlife habitat values, during forestry activities. As such, they represent a balance between overall natural resource protection and forest resource use.
Climate Change, Vegetation Models and Decision Making...
Climate Change, Vegetation Models and Decision Making in the Face of Uncertainty (Short Course - Denver, Colorado - June 3-4, 2008)
Managing Your Woodlot: Nine Part Series
A series of video tutorials for landowners, teachers and others interested in environmentally responsible woodlot management.
Oregon's Generous Forests
The video explores the management of forests for wildlife, clean water and wood production. It explains how Oregon's forests can provide both the environmental values we expect and the forest products we use every day. The 42-minute video is in three modules that can be shown together or independently.