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Forest Health

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Gypsy Moth-A Balanced Perspective [1%]
This video provides the viewer with a 20 minute explanation of the Gypsy Moth and its effects on individual trees and forests. Gypsy Moth management is also ...
Plant Health Care [1%]
This is a short video produced by the International Society of Arboriculture. The video defines the concept of Plant Health Care (focusing on the ...
Diagnosing Air Pollution [1%]
This is a short slide show that looks at the effects of air pollution on vegetation.
Diagnosing Tree Problems [1%]
This is a 30 minute slide show presentation given by Dr. Kim Coder on how to diagnose and treat tree problems.
Living with the Southern Pine Beetle [1%]
This is a short video that explores the life cycle and management of Southern Pine Beetle.
Vertibrate Pests of Trees - ID of Wildlife Damage to Woody Vegetation [1%]
This is a 10 minute presentation given by Dr. Jeff Jackson of the University of Georgia on identifying vertebrate pests that attack woody material.
The Forest Health Crisis-A Cut-to-Length Prescription [1%]
This is a 20 minute video that looks at the cut-to-length system ( a harvester/forwarder combo) as a means of removing hazardous fuels from National Forests as ...
Something In The Air: A Report on Air Quality and Forest Health [1%]
This is a 25 minute video explaining the phenomena known as acid rain or acid deposition. It looks at what makes up acid rain (sulfur oxides and nitrogen ...
Managing Urban Soils for Tree Survival [1%]
This is a 15 minute video on the soil conditions found in urban and suburban areas. The video describes how urban soils are different than undisturbed soils ...