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General Forestry

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Self Evaluation - George Kessler [1%]
Master Tree Farmer 2007 - Preparing for the Next Owner - Session 1: Overview of Estate Planning (Part 1)
Perspective: Problems (and solutions) with Minnesota's property tax code [1%]
A November 2008 discussion with Jeff Forester, Executive Director of Minnesota Seasonal and Recreational Property Owners (MSRPO). Jeff discusses his book, "The ...
Percival-Global Meeting Talk [1%]
George Kessler: Understanding Forestry Terms and Concepts [1%]
Master Tree Farmer 2004- Session 1: Terms, Concepts, and Planning (Part 1)
Rick A. Hamilton: Forest*A*Syst- A Forest Landowner's Self-Assessment Guide [1%]
Master Tree Farmer 2004- Session 1: Terms, Concepts, and Planning (Part 2)
Jeffrey W. Stringer: Producing High Value Hardwood Trees [1%]
Master Tree Farmer 2004- Session 4: Hardwood Management (Part 2)
When Nature Is at Your Doorstep [1%]
This is a short video produced by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the University of Florida about living at and management of forests in the ...
New Dimensions for the New Millennium [1%]
An Urban and Community Forestry Update for the South. This is a three part series produced by Clemson University on evolving issues in urban and community ...
Managing Moisture [1%]
This is a series of videos on managing the amount of moisture that gets into wood structures.
Discover Arabia Mountain [1%]
This is a 20 minute video geared towards kids that explores the geological and ecological significance of Arabia Mountain in the state of Georgia.
Wayne Clatterbuck: Direct-seeding Acorns for Reforestation of Bottomland Oaks [1%]
Master Tree Farmer 2004- Session 4: Hardwood Management (Part 1)
Ben Jackson: Marketing Forest Products [1%]
Master Tree Farmer 2004- Session 5: Marketing and Harvesting (Part 1)
I want to log "selectively"-A Practical Guide to Partial Timber Harvesting [1%]
This is a 40 minute video produced by Idaho Cooperative Extension. The video outlines concepts that will help forest landowners, logging operators, and ...
Scientific Forestry for Informed Choices [1%]
This is a short video produced by the US Forest Service highlighting the USFS's efforts to to showcase the science behind forestry. More specifically, it ...
Selected Presentation on Wood Technology [1%]
This is a 45 minute collection of selected presentations on wood technology. R. Bruce Hoadley, author of the "Understanding Wood" is a featured speaker ...
Southern Landowners Outreach Conference-Tape 2 [1%]
This is an hour and a half video of landowners talking about their various experiences at the Southern Landowners Outreach Conference.
Tree Planting in the Southern United States [1%]
This is a 15 minute video on how to care for tree seedlings, correct tree seedling planting techniques, and how to protect from injury on the job.
It's Wonderful Being a Tree [1%]
This is a short children's video produced by International Paper. It describes, using relatively easy terms and simple concepts, how trees in a hardwood ...
The Forest Archetype-Structure of Public Perception [1%]
This is a 45 minute presentation on understanding public perception and how the public forms its perception of the forest and forest industry.
James M. Guldin: Management of Southern Pine Stands Using Natural Regeneration [1%]
Master Tree Farmer 2004- Session 3: Pine Management (Part 3)
Herbicide Residues in Smoke [1%]
This is a short 15-minute video addressing the question of whether or not herbicides can be detected in the smoke generated during a prescribed fire.
Southern Hardwood Forest Management [1%]
This is a 20 minute video produced by Mississippi Cooperative Extension on Southern Hardwood Forest Management. It looks at the relationship between species ...
The Miracle Resource [1%]
This is a 13 minute video produced by the Temperate Forest Foundation on the benefits of and many uses of forest resources.
Tamara Walkingstick: Forestry Extension [1%]
Master Tree Farmer 2004- Session 7: Services (Part 1)
Whose Lookin' After my Forest and Howse It Goin' [1%]
This is a short video geared towards children. It looks at the forest as a resource, how it is managed, and what products come from the forest.
Tree Planting Tips-Some Timely Tips for Hand Planting Pine Seedlings [1%]
A Closer Look at Trees- Part 2 [1%]
This video is an hour long lecture that takes the viewer closer into the heart of a tree. It is the 2nd installment and explores wood physiology and the ...
America's Forests-A History of Resiliency and Recovery [1%]
This is a short video on the history of America's forests and forest product use.
Cover Your A$$ets [1%]
Cover Your Assets is an award winning resource produced by the University of Florida that provides property owners and county officials with the tools they ...
Plantacion de Árboles en el Sur de los Estados Unidos [1%]
Contiene información preliminar básica sobre plantación de árboles y seguridad para los plantadores en el Sur de los Estados Unidos. Incluye una versión ...