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Wood Science

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Managing Moisture - Module 1 - Billion Dollar Theft [1%]
This is a 20 minute introduction to managing the moisture that causes structural decay in houses and other built structures.
Managing Moisture - Module 2 - There's No Future in a Wet Foundation [1%]
This is the second video in the series "Managing Moisture". It takes a 15 minute look at diverting water away from the house and its foundation.
Managing Moisture - Module 4 - The BMW Complex - Bugs, Moisture, & Wood [1%]
This is the 4th video in the "Managing Moisture" series. It looks at the complex and costly relationship between wood, moisture, and bugs, primarily sub ...
Managing Moisture [1%]
This is a series of videos on managing the amount of moisture that gets into wood structures.
Managing Moisture - Module 3 - Plan It Well, Build it Right, Keep It Forever [1%]
This is the 3rd installment in the "Managing Moisture" series. It looks specifically at how to build a moisture free home--1) choosing an area that drains ...
Vertibrate Pests of Trees - ID of Wildlife Damage to Woody Vegetation [1%]
This is a 10 minute presentation given by Dr. Jeff Jackson of the University of Georgia on identifying vertebrate pests that attack woody material.
Selected Presentation on Wood Technology [1%]
This is a 45 minute collection of selected presentations on wood technology. R. Bruce Hoadley, author of the "Understanding Wood" is a featured speaker ...
Managing Moisture - Module 5 - There's No Such Thing As Dry Rot [1%]
This 20 minute video is the 5th in the managing moisture series. It looks specifically at fungi, what it takes for fungi to live, how fungi attack wood ...
The Mechanism of Moisture Movement in Wood [1%]
This is a 30 minute slide presentation on the mechanics of water movement in wood.
"Wood Friendly" - Moisture Monitoring and Management [1%]
This is a 20 minute promotional video produced by Wagner. It looks at their state of the art Wagner 680 moisture monitoring and management system.
Controlling Wood Infesting Beetles [1%]
This is video of an hour long lecture given by Terry Amburgery on controlling wood infesting beetles. It explores both chemical and non-chemical methods.
The Techniques of Lumber Yield Improvement - Part 1 [1%]
This is the first in a series geared towards the wood-based industry. Produced by NC State, this hour and a half long video looks specifically at techniques ...
A Closer Look at Trees [1%]
This video is a two-hour long video that takes the viewer closer into the heart of a tree. It explores wood physiology and the microscopic features of various ...
The Techniques of Lumber Yield Improvement - Part 2 [1%]
This is the last 30 minutes of the Techniques of Lumber Yield Improvement presentation.
Wood Preservation - Termites [1%]
This is a 60 minute presentation given by Dr. Terry Amburgey on protecting wood from termites.